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About Us

ArgylePlaid is a partnership between Jeff Williams and Steve Davis.

Jeff composes music for Rooster Teeth. He is currently working on a new season of RWBY and the Lazer Team Movie . In the past he has also worked on Red vs Blue. When he isn't composing for Rooster Teeth he is also an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music.
Contact Jeff through Facebook or his Rooster Teeth page.

Steve is a bassist and software engineer. His day job is working for BorisFX developing plug-ins for video editors. He also plays with various groups in the Boston area including the Regie Gibson Project and Atlas Soul.
Contact Steve through Facebook or his website.

We're also grateful to have Mason Leiberman on the team. Mason helps Jeff in the studio creating the stems for 8 Tracks and also helps with testing the app.
Contact Mason through Facebook .


  • iPad and iPhone

    Support for both iPhone and iPad

  • Download

    Download multitrack versions of your favorite Jeff Williams Songs

  • Listen

    Listen to the isolated tracks

  • Remix

    Remix the songs to how you like

  • Lyrics

    Includes song lyrics for all songs

  • Share

    Share the mixes to dropbox or soundcloud


App's News

  • Version 1.2 is now available

    Steve Davis
  • RWBY Vol. 3-Coming soon!

    Steve Davis
  • We're working on some new songs to add to the app, stay tuned!

    Steve Davis


  • Does 8 Tracks support android?

    Currently we only support iOS 8 or greater, but we are looking into supporting android. Stay Tuned!

  • My favorite song isn't on 8 Tracks, can you add it?

    We might, leave a message on our facebook page and we'll look into adding it.

  • If I remix a song, can I sell it?

    Absolutely not, Jeff Williams still owns the copyright. If you are interested in selling a remix contact Jeff.

  • If I remix a song, can share it with my friends?

    Yes, that's what the app is for ;-)

  • Will more of Jeff's music be released on 8 Tracks?

    Yes, we are currently looking into releasing more of Jeff's music, likely with separate versions of the app.

  • If I delete the app will I have to rebuy the songs?

    No, you can download the songs you have already bought

  • If I bought songs on my iPhone, can I download them on my iPad?

    Yes, your purchases will be available on any device using the same apple id.

  • What does the 'restore' button do?

    The restore button will sync purchases with the iTunes store.

  • How big are the songs? It says my storage is full but I think I have plenty of free storage.

    Since most songs have 8 separate tracks, the files are large, up to about 100MB and you'll need at least twice that to download. If you download all of the songs in the App (currently 18) it will take about 2GB of storage.

  • I love this app, I have a band, can we release our music on an 8 tracks app?

    Yes, contact us through this site and we'll try to make it happen.

  • I'm having trouble with the app, something isn't working correctly, what can I do?

    Contact us through this page and we'll help you out.

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